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No. Name Type Language Counties
4 CAROLINE FALCONE GOLDSTONE Master English Multnomah, Washington
0 NICHOLE LIN FARRAR Master English Columbia, Multnomah, Washington
0 VICTORIA BOYER FELLINGHAM Specialty Master English Clackamas, Multnomah
0 CARLA SUSAN FELLOWS Master English Coos
5 HELEN FERN Master English Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Washington, Yamhill
1 FRANCIS Z FERNANDEZ Master English, Spanish Clackamas, Hood River, Lane, Linn, Multnomah, Washington
12 MARIA ELENA FERNANDEZ Master English, Spanish Marion, Polk
0 SUSAN FILKINS Master English All
0 STEPHANIE D FINCH Community English Jackson, Josephine
0 Virginia Wilson Fink Master English Clackamas, Lincoln, Multnomah, Tillamook
0 LESLIE JAN FINLAY Master English All
0 DEVON MARAN FINLEY Standardized English Jackson, Josephine
6 KACIE ERIN FLEMING Master English All
0 Hermelinda Maria Flores Master Spanish Multnomah, Washington
0 Antoinette Forte Community English Clackamas
0 ANTOINETTE VERA FORTE Community English Clackamas
0 Modesto Maciel Franco Standardized Spanish Clackamas, Marion
0 DONYA FRAZIER Community English Multnomah
2 JESSICA FREDERICK Master English Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk
0 Kelly Ann Fritz Master English Yamhill
0 Cherylynn Naevonne Froehlich Community English Multnomah
1 ELEANOR FRYE Master English Clackamas, Multnomah
0 Kathleen Jewel Fuller Community English All
0 Billie Hopkins Furuichi English, Spanish Coos, Curry
0 Billie Ruth Furuichi Community English, Spanish Coos, Curry
0 SANDRA DEE GALVEZ BROWN Standardized English, Spanish Hood River, Wasco
0 LORI ELIZABETH GAMROTH Community English Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Washington, Yamhill
0 XIN GAO Master English, Chinese All
0 Jaime Garcia Community English, Spanish Morrow, Umatilla
0 Virginia Korina Garcia Specialty Community English, Spanish Clackamas, Clatsop, Tillamook
0 ANGELA IRENE GARCIA Master English, Spanish Multnomah
0 MARIA A GARCIA Community English Clackamas, Multnomah
1 Amy Beth Gard Master English All
0 Rebecca Ann Gardner Master English Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, Union
1 Debra Lee Gary Master English Jackson, Josephine, Klamath
0 LAURA GERACI-LENKE Master English Hood River, Wasco
0 Jennifer Karen Gerrard Community English Lane
0 ALICIA DENISE GINARDI Community English Washington, Clackamas, Yamhill, Deschutes, Douglas, Hood River, Lincoln, Marion, Multnomah, Tillamook
0 MELISSA ANNE GISH Community English Lane
1 DEBORAH M. GITLITZ Specialty Master English, Spanish Washington, Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Yamhill, Hood River, Marion, Multnomah, Tillamook
16 GARY GLASENAPP Master English All
0 TAMARA LYNN GOERTEL Master English Lane
0 WENDY GOMEZ MUNOZ Standardized Spanish Washington
0 Patricia Ann Gonzalez Community English Marion, Polk, Yamhill
0 Veronica Gonzalez Standardized English, Spanish Hood River, Wasco
4 DANAYE ELISE GONZALEZ Master English Coos, Curry
0 BECKY RENEE GOODMAN Community English Clackamas, Multnomah
0 LUDMILA Y. GOODMAN Community English, Russian Crook
9 Judith Ann Goodwin Master English Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Yamhill
0 Bethany Lauren Grabow Community English Washington
0 Jessica Marie Graham Community English Lane
1 MIRAE JEAN GRANT Master English All
3 JUDY JEAN GRAVES Master English Clackamas, Douglas, Hood River, Multnomah, Washington
0 TARA GRAY Master English Clackamas, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington, Yamhill
4 Lynn Marree Green Master English Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Tillamook, Washington
0 Tamar Green Master English Marion, Multnomah, Washington
0 CARRIE ELLEN GREEN Standardized English Multnomah
8 RUAI GREGORY Master English Wallowa, Baker, Wasco, Wheeler, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Union
1 Tiffany Dawn Grimes Specialty Master English All
3 Melissa Gritz Master English All
0 JENNIFER PATRICIA GRUBE Community English Benton, Linn, Polk
0 YOSUANY GUERRA Community English, Spanish Multnomah
0 Joan Lizabeth Gunness Community English All
0 MARY LOU GUTIERREZ Standardized English, Spanish Morrow, Umatilla
0 SARAH KATHRYN GUYON Master English Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Yamhill, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Multnomah, Polk
0 JUDITH LYNN GUZMAN Standardized English Multnomah
0 Melissa Kathryn Haala-Smith Master English Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill
9 MERRILY SMITH HAAS Master English All
5 Richard Lawrence Halpern Master English All
0 Laura Hamilton Master English, Spanish All
3 SUSAN A. HAMILTON Master English Jackson, Josephine
2 Carol Totsky Hammett Master English All
0 Brenda Kay Hancock Master English All
0 Helene Jean Hancock Community English All
0 Julie Handyside Community English Washington
0 MARTA MARIE HANNA Standardized English Baker, Malheur, Multnomah, Washington
0 KARA LEE HANNIGAN Master English All
24 Terri Diane Hansen Master English Douglas, Lane, Linn, Marion
0 KARELIA HARDING Master English, Spanish All
0 JENNIFER LOUISE HARGIS Community English Clackamas, Multnomah, Tillamook
1 Julie Marie Harper Master English Benton, Clackamas, Coos, Deschutes, Douglas, Lane, Marion
0 KRISTINE HARRIS Community English Lane
0 ROBYN MICHELLE HARRIS Community English Clackamas, Lane, Marion, Multnomah, Washington
1 ELISABETH HARTNER Specialty Master English All
5 Dorit Aviva Harvey-Skidmore Master English Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook
0 Debra (Debbie) Kay Hasbrook Master English All
47 EMILY HAWORTH Master English Benton, Clackamas, Washington, Yamhill, Lane, Linn, Marion, Polk, Tillamook
2 RHEADEAN HAYS Master English Baker, Union, Wallowa
0 SARAH ELIZABETH HEAL Master English Multnomah
4 JAMIE MICHELLE HEBERLEIN Master English Clackamas, Columbia, Hood River, Multnomah, Tillamook, Yamhill
0 DEREK ANDREW THOMAS HEFTYE Master English Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Washington
0 Kelly Heichel Master English All
0 JULIE MARIE HELLER Standardized English Umatilla
0 KRISTEN DOWNEY HELTON Community English Lane
0 SHEILA JEAN HENDERSON Community English Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Tillamook, Washington, Yamhill
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