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Title CKC Hours guide
What's Fun About Math?! Exploring Inclusive Math Strategies
Set Two Standards
SN 3 - 6 HOURS
What's Happening with This Child: A Look at Sensory Integration
Set One Standards
SN (1.50) , UGB (1.50) 3.00
What's In Your Sensory Tool Box: What is Sensory Processing Disorder?
Set One Standards
SN (3.00) 3.00
What's Missing in Children’s Diets?
Set Two Standards
What's New at the Family Center
Set One Standards
PM (1.50) 1.50
What's New in Early Learning
Set One Standards
PPLD (1.00) 1.00
What's New with Technology?: Microsoft Office 365
Set One Standards
PM (3.00) 3.00
What's Wrong With This Child?
Set One Standards
SN (2.00) 2.00
What's Your Color?: How Knowing Your Color Can Help You Communicate and Work with Other Adults!
Set Two Standards
FCS , PM 3 - 6 HOURS
What's for Lunch
Set One Standards
HSN (3.00) 3.00
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