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Title CKC Hours guide
Trauma Related Dissociation in Childhood
Set Two Standards
SN 3 - 6 HOURS
Trauma Savvy Practices: Creating a Safe Learning Environment for All
Set One Standards
LEC (1.00) 1.00
Trauma Smart Booster Attunement
Set One Standards
UGB (2.00) 2.00
Trauma and Childhood
Set One Standards
HGD (4.00) 4.00
Trauma and Mental Health in Early Childhood: Signs, symptoms and outcomes
Set One Standards
Trauma in the Life Cycle
Set One Standards
HGD (1.50) 1.50
Trauma, Hope, & Healing
Set One Standards
HGD (1.00) , UGB (1.00) 2.00
Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) 101 Training
Set One Standards
HGD (2.00) 2.00
Trauma-Informed Care Foundations for Early Childhood Educators
Set One Standards
HSN (2.00) 2.00
Trauma-Informed Care Training
Set One Standards
HSN (5.00) 5.00
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