2 Approved Programs
Active Program Approval Last approval
Early Words Language and Literacy Development 2014 Primary April 24, 2015
Language is the Key: Promoting Intentional Adult-Child Interactions Primary March 9, 2015
Sessions 6
Active Mode Name CKC Age groups
Classroom Partners, Pathways and Policies the Strengthen Program and Family Connections
Set Two Standards
PM No Age-Related Content
Classroom Examining Play as the Core Curriculum
Set Two Standards
HGD , LEC Preschool, School Age
Classroom Whole Brain Based Science: The Inquisitive Child
Set Two Standards
HGD , LEC Infant/Toddler, Preschool, School Age
Classroom Physiology of Learning: How the Body Teaches the Brain to Learn
Set Two Standards
HGD , LEC Infant/Toddler, Preschool
Classroom What's in Your Closet?: Examining Froebel and Piaget in Early Childhood Practices.
Set Two Standards
HGD , LEC No Age-Related Content
Hybrid Important Questions to Ask Ourselves: Discovering Our Professional Souls Through Personal and Professional Mission Statement
Set Two Standards
PPLD , PM No Age-Related Content
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