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Title CKC Hours guide
UMCHS Leadership Training, Pt. 2
Set One Standards
PPLD (7.00) 7.00
UMCHS New Staff Orientation
Set One Standards
HSN (3.00) , PM (1.00) 4.00
UMCHS- Planning your Benefits and How to use them
Set One Standards
PPLD (1.00) 1.00
UMCHS: Exploring Civil Rights in our Company
Set One Standards
PM (2.00) 2.00
UMCHS: Health Safety, Civil Liberties and deep dive into our toolbox to health and covid saftey
Set One Standards
HSN (1.75) 1.75
UMCHS: Revisit, Restore, Renew!
Set One Standards
HSN (2.00) 2.00
UMHS Bloodborne Pathogens in center settings
Set One Standards
HSN (1.00) 1.00
UMHS Leadership Training
Set One Standards
PPLD (5.00) 5.00
UMHS Polices, Systems and Human Resource to Promote a Healthy Work Place
Set One Standards
PM (6.00) 6.00
UMHS Rebooting and Reengaging 2022 Part 1
Set One Standards
HSN (1.50) , PPLD (2.00) 3.50
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