Развитие эмоционального интеллекта. “Я и мои эмоции. Страх и тревога” (The development of emotional intelligence: “Me and my emotions. Fear and anxiety”)

During the training, we will consider the difference between the concepts of fear and anxiety. You will get some theoretical information about the types and causes of fears of the adults and the children at different ages. You will study the positive and negative functions of fear. We will develop a scheme of therapeutic fairy tale that can be used to create a story for.

  • Monday June 17th, 2024
    6 p.m.9 p.m.
  • 81728
    Set One Standards
  • Infant/Toddler   Preschool   School Age  
    Understanding & Guiding Behavior (3)  

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  • Free
  • Russian
  • Alona Halychanska