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Understanding & Using Vital Financial Business Methods

“Solid financial foundations are the key to running a successful business.” Civitas Strategies*, a contracted child care consulting business in 10 U. S. states, simply states this vital reality.
Our 2-hour session uses some of Civitas Strategies’ materials and tools to:
1) Provide general information about financial forms and their uses
2) Determining Revenue with planned tuition rates/enrollment
3) Determine monthly budget (Revenue, Expenses, Profit/Loss)
4) Determine 6-month cash flow
5) Evaluate and set your tuition rates
If you have some/all of these activities completed, you can bring them. Time permitting, a review can be made to provide tips to optimize. Also, a future free future consultation.
* Tom Copeland personally and professionally selected Civitas Strategies to use, share, partner, as well as further development work from Tom’s 40-plus years working in the business and tax areas of child care.

  • Wednesday January 25th, 2023
    6 p.m.8 p.m.
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