Comprender, tranquilizar y prevenir los berrinches (Understanding, Calming, and Preventing Tantrums)
La exploración del papel del desarrollo cerebral y el impacto de las conexiones entre el niño y el cuidador en cuanto a los berrinches (Exploring the Role of Brain Development and Impact of Child/Caregiver Connection on Tantrums)

Tantrums can be hard to understand and difficult to manage. Small children are just beginning to learn how deal with frustration and learn self-regulation. Participants will explore the brain’s role in emotional regulation and examine what's happening inside a child's brain during a tantrum. Participants will explore strategies for response and prevention.

  • Thursday January 26th, 2023
    6 p.m.9 p.m.
  • 75882
    Set Two Standards
  • Preschool  
    Human Growth & Development (1.5)   Understanding & Guiding Behavior (1.5)  

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  • $25.00
  • Spanish
  • Wasco
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