RESPONDA AL ESTRÉS EN LAS VIDAS DE LOS NIÑOS PEQUEÑOS (Responding to Stress in Young Children’s Lives)

Children’s lives can be very stressful, especially since they are not usually in control of most situations! Divorce, death of a loved one or cherished pet and even a new baby can be difficult for a young child to understand. Children live in an uncertain and insecure world and it is up to adults to provide ways to support them and reduce stress. We will explore how stress affects children and ways to help children cope and unwind.

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  • Monday August 14th, 2017Monday August 28th, 2017
    12 a.m.
  • 55278
    Set Two Standards
  • Preschool   School Age  
    Human Growth & Development (3)  

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  • Spanish
  • Rocio Baker
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    1001 SW Baseline St. Hillsboro, OR